Mind Missions 5th Grade U.S. History Student

Mind Missions 5th Grade U.S. History Student

U.S. History

5th Grade Student File


John Smith Smith's Survival
The Jamestown Colony and John Smith

Squanto Pilgrim Play
The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving

William Penn Penn's People
William Penn and his Colony

Sailing Ship Trade Troubles
Mercantilism and Colonial Relations with England

Liberty Pole Sons Signal
The Stamp Act and the Sons of Liberty

Valley Forge Forge Feet
Valley Forge and the Revolutionary War

John Paul Jones Ship Sunk
The Continental Navy and John Paul Jones

Constitution Constitution Cool Off
The Constitutional Convention and James Madison

Party Symbols Party Planning
Political Parties and their Symbols

Lewis and Clark Map Muck
Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

Francis Scott Key Key Composing
The War of 1812 and Francis Scott Key

Water Wheel Wheel Work
Early Factories and the Industrial Revolution

Homesteaders Baby Bunk
The Homestead Act and Pioneers

Abraham Lincoln A House Divided
Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction

Trail of Tears Treaty Talks
The Cherokee People and the Trail of Tears

Promontory Point Rail Race
The Transcontinental Railroad

Suffrage Pageant Women's Words
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Women’s Suffrage

Canned Food Money Maker
The Great Depression and Innovation

Tuskegee Airmen Pioneering Pilots
The Tuskegee Airmen

Cesar Chavez Worker Welcome
Cesar Chavez and Migrant Workers