Creative Problem Solving Strategies

Students need to experience creative problem-solving opportunities to prepare for the 21stcentury. Adobe recently surveyed 2,000 educators and policymakers from around the world. Three quarters of respondents predicted that careers which require creative problem-solving skills are less likely to be adversely impacted by automation and machine learning. Students need to be taught these critical skills […]

More Facts than Fiction Please!

State and national standards are changing to emphasize the reading of more informational texts in elementary grades. In fact, Common Core standards require that 50% of reading in elementary grades should focus on reading non-fiction, informational text. Why? Reading informational text in elementary school prepares students for high school and college. Most of the text […]

Moving to Learn

The growing field of educational neuroscience supports a critical connection between movement and learning. But this area of study is nothing new. Maria Montessori highlighted the importance of the mind/body connection and movement during learning in her book, The Secret of Childhood, written in 1936. Early childhood studies have also linked early sitting and walking […]

Engaged Learning

What is student engagement?  Student engagement is any learning strategy that requires the students to DO the learning; to actively engage in building understanding Why does student engagement matter? Student engagement is essential to lasting learning. The empirical evidence from studies of active, or engaged, learning is powerful. John Hattie and his team at Auckland […]