Classroom Communication Face-to-Face

Communication skills are increasingly important for the 21st century Communication skills have always been valuable – The art of listening well, expressing your thoughts clearly, offering coherent instructions, and inspiring others with your words are powerful tools. As our economy changes, students need opportunities to develop strong  communication skills more than ever. Careers that require […]

Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Critical thinking and problem solving are essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce. In response to rapid technological change, today’s citizens must be critical thinkers in order to compare evidence, evaluate competing claims, and make sensible decisions. The solutions to international problems, such as global warming, require highly developed critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.  For individuals and […]

What are 21st century skills?

  What is the 21st century skills movement and where did it come from? The 21st century skills movement developed in response to an increasingly global economy powered by rapidly changing technology. The world is changing with unprecedented speed. The last 60 years have seen the development of the computer, the internet, satellite imaging from […]