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In each Mind Mission, students read about a real-world challenge from history or geography. Then they creatively solve related challenges in teams. Students work to create collaboratively as they design a political campaign, build an oil derrick, or innovate a new way to communicate. Our lessons engage students at higher levels of learning and increase the likelihood that students will absorb and retain social studies content. They also develop strong language arts skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. And Mind Missions are fun! Students love to learn about history when they can experience history for themselves.

Step 1:

Reading Social Studies Stories connects us to an enduring effort to meet and exceed the challenges that we face as individuals and communities! And students can read stories at their most appropriate reading level.

Step 2:

In the Mind Missions Experience, students creatively solve real-world problems using STEAM, PBL, and Design Thinking techniques.

Step 3:

Reflection is a time when students recognize that setbacks are inherent in the problem-solving process. Every Mind Missions lesson includes Reflection Questions to help students uncover learnings gained throughout the Mind Missions experience.


Each Elementary Mind Missions Learning System Includes:

  • 24 lessons including teacher instructions, reproducible student pages, & extension information (Kindergarten has 14 lessons)
  • 6 Mission cards for each lesson
  • 6 Mind Mission team bags
  • Team Triumph poster and stickers
  • Assessment accessories for judging mission objectives

In each Mind Missions Lesson, your students will:

  • Team up to review teamwork tactics
  • Brainstorm to wake creativity
  • Read a social studies reading lesson aligned with standards
  • Creatively and collaboratively solve a STEAM challenge
  • Present their solution and reward others for success and originality
  • Reflect on their solutions, teamwork skills, and the content learning


Mind Missions is one of my all time favorite resources. I have used these products with many students and a lot of teachers in staff development. They are always top-notch learning experiences. The students will remember these activities and connect to the content in a meaningful way. I’m so glad I found you!

Paula McClendon


Mind Missions is a game changer in my classroom! Differentiated reading passages allow all learners to be collaborative and effective communicators. My students are excited and engaged when they are actively participating to solve a problem. The combination of telling a story from a historical perspective brings history to life! Student teams are actively engaged in the learning experiences as they create and innovate.

Lisa Speckman

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