Mind Missions Digital – Maryland 6th Grade

Mind Missions Learning was created to prepare students for College, Career, and Civic life using inquiry-based, creative problem-solving lessons. Every Mind Mission lesson provides a compelling Social Studies question known as the Mission. Students learn the context of the question by reading The Story. Next, students Team Up to develop supporting questions and gather evidence to address the Mission solution. They collaboratively create a unique solution for the compelling question. Each team presents their solution to the class. Finally, they evaluate the effectiveness and the variety of solutions using Reflection prompts.

The Mind Missions Digital System includes introductory lessons for student success and twenty integrated lessons for learning Social Studies, Language Arts, and 21st century skills.

Teacher-friendly lesson plans are accessible on any device. Student materials are available in four different reading levels to meet the needs of a variety of learners. Use Mind Missions materials on digital platforms or print what you need! Teachers and students love Mind Missions!

What lessons are in this Mind Missions Digital Learning System?

Ancient Civilizations:
Students investigate the places, people, and challenges of the ancient world in 20 hands-on, minds-on Mind Missions lessons. Explore ancient artifacts, build the basics of civilization, and construct a legal code for Mesopotamia. Develop an appreciation for Greek culture and government through the exploration of architecture, religion, and leadership. Construct engineering marvels modeled by Roman innovators. Discover the achievements of the Shang, Qin, and Gupta Empires. Promote an understanding of early religions around the world and the foundations of civilization. Using Mind Missions, students will explore all of the regions of the world and experience the challenges faced around the globe.

Mind Missions are aligned with Social Studies and Language Arts standards for your state.

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