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Mind Missions is committed to providing cross-curricular learning with quality educational resources. Our online subscriptions equip teachers with lessons that improve student engagement as they learn about social studies concepts. Students build skills for reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Mind Missions also support the development of essential 21st century skills during STEAM challenges.

Mind Missions grade level subscriptions contain essential instruction for best practice and student preparation. Each grade level contains introductory team building and brainstorming lessons and 20 lessons that are aligned with state standards. Lessons are grade-appropriate and offered in four different reading levels to meet students at their reading needs. In most products, lessons are grouped into modules.

Module Topics Include:

  • U.S. Civic Leaders
  • Heroes for Humanity
  • Social Studies Skills
  • U.S. Symbols
  • Citizens of Character
  • U.S. Landmarks
  • Famous Americans
  • Elementary Economics
  • Community Basics
  • Inventors and Entrepreneurs
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Human Environment Interaction
  • World Landmarks
  • STEM Leaders
  • U.S. Physical Regions
  • Community Builders
  • U.S. Legends
  • Folktales
  • American Traditions
  • Government and Civics

Some Mind Missions grade level subscriptions have all 20 lessons aligned to a specific course. Courses available include:

  • U.S. History
  • Texas History
  • Contemporary World Cultures
  • Ancient Civilizations

Your students will LOVE Mind Missions!

Each lesson is hands-on and minds-on!

Creativity work in Mind Missions

Students work in teams and build collaborative skills.

Students learn to solve open-ended problems.

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Mind Missions engage students in standards-aligned learning for Social Studies and Language Arts while building essential 21st-century skills for the future.