About Us

Our mission is to prepare minds for the 21st century

Social Studies instruction is enriched when students are given opportunities to experience the people and challenges of the past. In our lessons, students develop a deep understanding about historical people and events by constructing solutions to solve their problems. Mind Missions encourage students to interact with history as they learn it.

At the same time, Mind Missions develop skills critical for the future – encouraging creativity, developing problem solving ability, and strengthening teamwork skills.

Mind Missions was created because we believe that all students need knowledge about the past and skills for the future.

Who We Are

Mind Missions was created by teachers and parents who believe that quality curricular materials support teachers and improve student learning.  We develop project-based learning programs that blend STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education with historical examples. In Mind Missions, students learn lessons from the past and skills for the future!

Through our learning systems, students use the creative design process to turn problems into solutions. They learn critical skills in the process including:

  •      Creativity
  •      Collaboration
  •      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  •      Communication
  •      Confidence
  •      Risk-Taking
  •      Perseverance

Ready to get started teaching collaboration, critical-thinking, communication, & creative problem solving in your classroom?