Competencies are Critical

21st century competencies are critical for today’s learners. Our students must be able to successfully participate in the rapidly changing global economy.

Our business community demands a workforce that can thrive in a world of constant change. 21st century competencies are a coherent set of educational objectives to ensure that all students are prepared for success. The 21st century is here. We do not have a moment to lose.


All Agree on Four Critical Areas of Development

There are many facets of 21st century readiness that extend far beyond digital literacy. At Mind Missions, we focus on the 4 Cs which are universally recognized as critical skills for 21st century readiness. They are:


The United States Department of Labor reports that teamwork is a top skill to master for workplace success. Employers desire workers who can communicate effectively, value other's thoughts and opinions, complete assigned tasks, and sacrifice self interests for the best interest of the group.

Learning to work together is a key skill for future success >

Critical Thinking

“The biggest challenge for our front-line employees is having the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills they need to be effective, because nobody is there telling them exactly what to do. They have to figure it out.” -Karen Brett, Dell Strategic Business Development

Why are critical thinking skills so important >


The Pew Research Center recently asked a national sample of adults to select the skills most important for students “to get ahead in the world today.” Across the board, respondents said communication skills were the most important.

Mind Missions help teach students to verbally express their ideas >


"America is now facing the biggest challenge it's ever faced—to maintain it's position in the world economies. All these things demand high levels of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. At the moment, instead of promoting creativity, I think we're systematically educating it out of our kids.” Sir Ken Robinson

The creative process teaches students to explore their ideas >

A major teaching challenge is determining how to adapt instruction to incorporate the demands of the 21st century. Mind Missions lessons are designed to encourage the development of the 4 Cs and provide engaging social studies and language arts learning.

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