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Mind Missions are written for students in grade levels K-6, but anyone can do Mind Missions. They are challenging and fun for kids of all ages!

Purchase a Mind Missions Learning System from our store. The instructional guide will lead you through the process of setting up Mind Missions in your classroom. Introductory lessons in teamwork and brainstorming are included to help your students to prepare for their first mission.

Each Mind Missions Learning System comes with an instructional book including introductory materials, lesson plans for 24 Mind Missions, reproducible student handouts, and supplemental information for teachers. Learning systems also include six mission challenge cards per lesson, six team bags for holding lesson materials, a Mind Missions Team Triumph poster with reward stickers, and testing accessories for judging mission success. Kindergarten Learning Systems include 14 lessons.

Missions require common household or school supplies, such as 4 paper cups, 8 rubber bands, 2 mailing labels, and 1 coffee filter. Part of the preparation for a Mind Missions lesson is to fill the Team Bags with the materials each team will need for the lesson.

In addition to lessons in brainstorming and teamwork skills, 24 Mind Missions lessons are included in most learning systems. Mind Missions lessons are designed to follow social studies curriculum taught during the school year.

A Mind Missions lesson will engage students in fun, creative problem solving and engaged social studies learning for approximately 45 minutes. Of course, teachers can modify the lessons to best suit their classroom needs.

Yes! Click here to download our standards alignment charts.

Absolutely! Students of all ages love Mind Missions! The 4th grade Learning System meets some Texas social studies standards for 7th grade, and the 5th grade Learning System meets some Texas social studies standards for 8th grade.

Yes! They can be faxed, mailed, or emailed to us. Please request a quote before placing large orders.

Our fax number is 214-299-8665.

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Our mailing address is:

   Elementary Mind Missions, LLC

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A Spanish Supplement includes Spanish translations of the introductory handouts, 24 story handouts, and six mission challenge cards per lesson.