Professional Development

Teacher happy to receive professional development tools

To ensure effective implementation of Mind Missions learning, we provide tools for on-site professional development. Use our tools to lead your own training session.

Tools for your campus

Mind Missions Learning offers quality tools for teacher instruction. Click on the links below to access a Mind Missions Training Script, Keynote Presentation, and Sample Lesson to use with your teachers. Use these tools in your school or district-level meetings to promote the effective implementation of Mind Missions materials.

Training Tools

Effective tools for training promote the effective implementation of Mind Missions curriculum materials. Using the included materials, teachers receive a 3-step approach for Mind Missions success!

Step One- Why?

Training begins with the rationale that supports the Mind Missions learning system. In-depth understanding about the purposes and goals of a curricular program are essential for commitment and continued success. In Mind Missions training, teachers learn about the importance of integrating social studies content, language arts skills, and 21st century competencies

Step Two- What?

The next step in Mind Missions training is instruction in the 7-step process of a lesson. Each lesson follows the same teacher-friendly format for ease of use and student development. Using consistent strategies allows students and teachers to monitor and evaluate student growth. Want a glimpse of the 7-step Mind Missions process? Watch the video below:

Step 3- How?

The final portion of Mind Missions training allows time to highlight best strategies and practices of Mind Missions learning. Through instruction, reflection, and conversation, teachers and trainers share ways to ensure the most meaningful strategies to support student growth.