Mind Missions Digital

Mind Missions has expanded from print products to provide digital tools for student success.

Students and teachers can now enjoy Mind Missions Learning using digital devices. Mind Missions Digital Curriculum is here!

Students will build essential skills for the 21st century while using 21st century tools for inquiry and discovery. Teachers will enjoy the flexibility of using digital materials at home or in the classroom. Students will enjoy Mind Missions materials at a variety of reading levels to meet the needs of individual students. 

Use Mind Missions Digital Curriculum on a variety of digital platforms or print what you need. Unlimited printing is included!

What is Mind Missions Digital?

Mind Missions Digital is a subscription to our web platform of learning materials. Licensing is available for individuals, grade levels, entire schools, and districts with one, two, or three years of access.

How does it work?

Mind Missions Digital Curriculum uses a convenient, web-based platform. Students and teachers can access Mind Missions materials on a variety of devices using a one-time login. No plug-ins or custom applications are required for users to access content. Licenses include unlimited printing of the teacher and student materials for use during the license period.

What is included in a class subscription?

Each Mind Missions Digital Learning System includes:

  • Teacher Instruction Guide for 20 complete Mind Missions lessons
  • Mind Missions materials for student devices
  • Leveled Stories (3 different reading levels for a variety of learners)
  • Introductory lessons in Teambuilding, Brainstorming, and Inquiry
  • Access to unlimited printing

Which lessons are included?

Mind Missions lessons are aligned with individual state standards for Social Studies and Language Arts standards. If you have Mind Missions print products, expect to find some old favorites and many new lessons to meet changing standards for learning.

Enjoy Getting Started Lessons

Introductory lessons in Team Building, Brainstorming, and Inquiry are also included. These activities provide a framework and strategies for effective collaborative problem-solving.


 Mind Missions Digital is affordable and accessible

  • $50 1-year for individual license (Access on up to 40 devices)
  • $100 1-year license for a grade license (Access on unlimited devices)
  • Multi-year licenses lower per/year pricing

School-wide and district licenses are also available

Please contact us for more information about subscription pricing. We look forward to working with you!