Mind Missions Lesson Collection

If you are new to Mind Missions, this is for you! All Mind Missions integrate Language Arts, Social Studies, and creative problem-solving. Each lesson follows the same 7-step format. To learn about the Mind Missions process, watch this short video!

How to access your lessons:

Student wondering about Texas lessons

1. Click on the button to access a lesson library.

2. Select any underlined item to access the material. There are lesson materials for teachers and students. It is best to start with Teacher Files – Instructions. Shapes indicate student reading levels:

  • Grades K-3: Triangle-low; Square-medium; Circle-high
  • TX/US: Star-low; Diamond-medium; Oval-high

3. After you select a lesson, you will be asked for a login and password.

  • Your login is: MM-COVID-19
  • Your password is: Lessons2019

Modifications for Home Learning

What about collaboration?

What will they need?

Aren’t Mind Missions for teams? Yes! Lessons are designed to build collaboration. However, lessons can be completed individually. Students will grow in new ways as they work independently and learn to appreciate the gifts of collaboration. 

What materials will they need? Many Mind Missions lessons ask students to construct solutions using common household materials such as paper plates and straws. Don’t have those items? It is okay! Challenge students to use any materials they have around their home.

We hope these resources are helpful!

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