Using Jamboard to Collaborate during Mind Missions

In Mind Missions learning, collaboration is central to our effort to build 21st century learning skills. Students need to learn to work in teams to solve problems today and in the future! One of the most problematic changes during distanced learning is the lack of collaboration. Students need opportunities to talk with one another and share ideas. 

The pandemic is providing hundreds of opportunities for teachers and students to innovate. Google Jamboard is one solution. It is a digital whiteboard space to encourage collaboration in learning and problem solving whether students are face-to-face, hybrid, or 100% virtual. It allows students to work collaboratively in real time.

Participants can navigate the whiteboard from any web-based browser or learning management system. Jamboard can be used as a simple whiteboard or used in more complex learning activities. It can be used in concert with a Google Meet to check student understanding or allow for group discussion. Jamboard templates allow students to work together in a whole-group setting or in virtual breakout rooms. They can also be used as a social-emotional check-in  for students to share ideas and struggles. Of course, they are an excellent tool for collaborative STEAM challenges found in Mind Missions. 

Like all learning tools, it is important to set norms for Jamboard use so that students use it well.  As a class, students can use Jamboard to brainstorm ideas for class norms. These will act as the “rules” the community agrees upon for use in a Jam. The norms can be used to support positive behavior in the community. When using Mind Missions, place one of the Reflection Questions in the Jamboard and watch the ideas fly! Be sure to reflect on Jamboard norms to allow students to think about guidelines for effective collaboration.

We hope you enjoy using Google Jamboard with Mind Missions learning.

Enjoy this free lesson to use with a Google Jamboard!

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