Inquiry + Problem Solving

Language Arts + Social Studies

Knowledge + Skills

The Mind Missions Experience

Mind Missions lessons encourage students to interact with history as they learn it. Using our problem based learning curriculum, students engage deeply with Social Studies content. In the process, they develop essential 21st century skills and lasting knowledge.

The Framework

Every Mind Missions lesson follows the same inquiry-based framework. Each step is designed to help students develop essential 21st century competencies in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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Outcomes from Learning

During mission challenges, students gain confidence in creating, listening, and speaking. Using creative problem solving strategies, they develop a growth mindset when working with peers to generate unique solutions ultimately resulting in confident, competent citizens.

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Standards-Aligned Content

Mind Missions curriculum is aligned with state and national standards for Language Arts and Social Studies. Students develop Language Arts skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking while learning Social Studies knowledge.

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Teacher using problem based learning curriculum
Happy to use problem based learning curriculum

Why Choose Mind Missions?

Mind Missions was developed by teachers and parents to prepare children for life! All students need the opportunity to engage in creative problem solving activities. Historically, these opportunities have been limited to Gifted & Talented programs and extra-curricular clubs that provided opportunities for team innovation challenges. We created Mind Missions to provide problem based learning curriculum for all learners during core instructional time. Mind Missions started as a product for Texas schools but is now available for most states and is aligned with each state’ standards.